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Tan Extend Lotion – Make your spray tan last longer

A tried-and-true product and the retail item that started it all – the Sjolie Tan Extend Lotion is the ultimate spray tan staple and the key for any long-lasting spray tan. Our Tan Extend Lotion is rich in hydrating and anti-aging ingredients with a small percentage of DHA to promote a long-lasting tan and even fade.

Quick review! – DHA only works with the top layer of our skin. When those skin cells shed, so does our tan. Different body parts tend to have a faster acceleration rate – areas like our neck, back of knees, inside our elbows, and face. Common reasons for this quicker acceleration rate include friction, washing, sweating, etc. So, get the most out of your spray tan by applying the Tan Extend daily! SJOLIE’s Tan Extend Lotion contains many nourishing ingredients that add moisture, a hint of DHA of added color-life, and revitalize your skin. This will prevent uneven or premature fade and promote a glowing complexion for longer. * For extra hydration, incorporate the Body Renew Moisturizer into your daily morning routine and apply the Tan Extend each evening before bed.

Tan Extend Ingredients we ❤️

Jojoba Oil is the perfect ally for your skin health. It absorbs quickly, providing much-needed hydration throughout the day and delivering powerful antioxidant properties like Vitamin E & B to support a more youthful complexion.

Aleurites Moluccana Seed (Kukui Nut) Oil can be transformative for dry, dehydrated skin! This oil is packed with essential fatty acids that help trap moisture in the skin for sustained hydration.

Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is an impressive substance that helps visibly minimize large pores, tighten and soften fine lines and wrinkles, improve uneven texture, and even supports skin to repair signs of past damage.

When to apply Tan Extend Lotion: The Tan Extend is great to prolong spray tans or self-tans so apply it when looking to revive your Sjolie Bronzing Mousse color, or when looking for a skin refresh. Begin applying the Tan Extend lotion daily, 24 hours after initial spray tan or sunless tan application. The Tan Extend can also be used on clean skin when your complexion needs a touch of glow without using self-tanners or hitting the salon for a spray tan.

How to apply the Tan Extend Lotion: For even application, massage a generous amount of cream onto clean skin using long, circular motions. Use a minimal amount to blend over the hands and feet lightly. Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water after application. Wait 5 minutes before fully dressing and allow 8 hours before showering. Use daily, over your spray tan, for ultimate glowing results. For maximum hydration, apply the Sjolie Body Renew Moisturizer every morning, followed by Tan Extend Lotion every evening.

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