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Pre & Post Appointment

  1. Do Exfoliate 24 hours prior to appointment.

  2. Do Shave 24 hours prior to appointment.

  3. Do Stay hydrated drink a lot of water and use lotion 1-2 days prior to appointment. Especially after exfoliating.

  4. Don’t have make up on when you come to appointment.

  5. Don’t wear moisturizer to your appointment .

  6. Don’t wear deodorant to appointment.

  7. Don’t wear perfume to appointment.

Post Spray Tan

  1. No sweating or water for 6-8 hours after spray tan.

  2. Pat dry after shower. DONT dry off vigorously. That is a mass form of exfoliating and will make your tan blotchy.

  3. Spray perfume and or cologne in the air and walk through it. If you spray directly on your skin the alcohol in it will eat away at your tan and make it blotchy.

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