• Shannon Gallucci

Can I workout with a spray tan?

As we all know, a lot of us like incorporating more exercise into your daily routine. But did you know that tight gym clothes and sweating can lead to excess rubbing, which can result in unwanted patchiness and premature fade with spray tans?

Here are a few tips and tricks, from beginning to end, to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and glow!

H Y D R A T I O N The skin is the largest organ of the body. Without proper hydration, the skin can turn dry, tight, and flaky – aka the worst canvas for a spray tan! Drink plenty of water and drink more during the winter months when skin tends to be drier than usual.

P R E P E R A T I O N Before any spray tan appointment, it is very important to have a “clean slate.” Please shave and exfoliate off all pre-existing spray tan solution 18-24 hours before appointment. Also no moisturizer should be applied on the day of the appointment.

S H O W E R I N G Avoid abrasive scrubs or loofahs and overly hot water for daily showers. To prevent any further stripping of the spray tan, ensure you are using a spray tan safe body wash like our Sjolie Body Wash that will replenish hydration back onto the skin while gently removing dirt and impurities. When drying off, you should use your towel to “pat” dry and not aggressively rub and further hydrate your skin with a quality moisturizer.

A F T E R-C A R E P R O D U C T Aftercare is key! We are always looking for ways to improve our self-care routines. Applying our Skin Perfecting Lotion once to every three days will help your tan look fresh and reduce the signs of an uneven fade.

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